Taylor Brooks History

Explore the enduring legacy of Brooks Resources and Taylor Development in
Central Oregon. With histories deeply rooted and intertwined in the region,
these entities have played pivotal roles in shaping the local landscape over the
years. This timeline encapsulates a story of steady growth, community
commitment, and adaptability. From the early days of Brooks to the ongoing
endeavors of the Taylor family, the journey reflects a genuine understanding of
Central Oregon’s character and a commitment to responsible development.


1916 | Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company begins operating in Bend.

1950 | Brooks-Scanlon purchases Shevlin-Hixon, acquiring sawmill and timber holdings.

1955 | Hap Taylor Realty forms.

1967 | Hap Taylor Construction Company begins operating in Bend.

1969 | Brooks Resources formed as a subsidiary of Brooks-Scanlon

1970 | Brooks Resources begins developing Black Butte Ranch

1974 | Brooks Resources begins construction of Mount Bachelor Village

1979 | Brooks Resources Corporation becomes a separate company

1981 | Brooks Resources develops Shevlin Center

1984 | Brooks Resources breaks ground on Awbrey Butte development

1985 | Hap Taylor & Sons forms.

1996 | Brooks Resources develops Shevlin RiverFront

1998 | Hap Taylor & Sons is acquired by Knife River Corp

1999 | Brooks Resources & Partners begin master planning for NorthWest Crossing

2000 | Brooks Resources develops Century Washington Center

2000 | Taylor Development forms.

2004 | Brooks Resources begins developing North Rim

2004 | Taylor Development begins development of Basalt Business Park

2006 | Brooks Resources, Taylor Development and Eagle Crest form partnership to develop Yarrow in Madras

2008 | Taylor NW was formed by the Taylor family

2008 | Taylor Development develops Sisters Outlaw Station

2009 | Taylor Development completes 919 Bond

2013 | Brooks Resources and Taylor Development partner to start Shevlin Health & Wellness

2016 | Taylor Development begins development of District 2

2016 | Brooks Resources & Partners develop The Tree Farm development

2023 | Taylor Brooks is officially formed and completes first building for Shevlin Crossing.